I have only tested this on the Buffalo LS-WXL.  I don't know if
it works on any other models.

- Obtain root access to LS-WXL.

  . See http://buffalo.nas-central.org/wiki/Category:LS-WXL#Gain_Root_Access

- Install nasdvr-0.1 directory to /mnt/array1/share

- Run chmod -R nobody on the nasdvr-0.1 directory

- Run chmod 777 nasdvr-0.1/dat

- Run chmod 755 nasdvr-0.1/bin/*.pl

- Run chmod 755 nasdvr-0.1/cgi-bin/*.cgi

- Copy the files in arm-bin to /usr/bin

- Change to the nasdvr-0.1/sql directory

- Enable Web Server

  . Log into LS-WXL admin screen from a web browser
  . Go under the Network > Web Server menu
  . Enable, point at share/nasdvr-0.1 and save

- Enable Media Server

  . Log into LS-WXL admin screen from a web browser
  . Go under the Extensions > Media Server menu
  . Enable and Save

- Enable MySQL database server

  . Log into LS-WXL admin screen from a web browser
  . Go under the Network > MySQL Server menu
  . Enable and select MySQL root directory
  . Save
- Create the nasdvr database

  . Enter: mysql -u admin -ppassword (password is your admin password on the LS-WXSL)
  . Enter: create database nasdvr
  . Enter: \q
  . Enter: mysql -u admin -ppassword nasdvr < base.sql
- Download and install the following packages from CPAN


- Change to the nasdvr-0.1/lib directory

- Edit the config.pm file and set your admin username and password

- In your web browser enter the URL that points to your new install

  . (enter appropriate host IP address and port)
- Click on the Tuners link

- Click the "Scan" button and make note of the ID returned

- Click on the Configure link

- Enter the HDHomeRun ID in the hdhr_id field

- Enter your Schedules Direct username and password in sd_username and sd_password

- Enter you timezone offset from GMT in tz_offset

- Click the Tuners link and then click the Scan button.  This process
  will take a while to complete.  After it is done, you should see all
  the stations found by your HDHomeRun on both tuners.
- Change directory to nasdvr-0.1/bin

- Run sd.pl.  This will populate your listings database.

- Edit the root crontab

  . Enter: crontab -e
  . Add the following lines
    00 0 * * * cd /mnt/array1/share/nasdvr-0.1/bin;./sd.pl
    * * * * * cd /mnt/array1/share/nasdvr-0.1/bin;./scheduler.pl

  . This will run the Schedules Direct updater once a day and
    the program scheduler once per minute.
You should be ready to start scheduling shows!!

Use your favorite uPNP client device to watch recordings.